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/// Adds a list of products added /// /// public void AddRangeProducts(List ProdGuidList) { ProdGuidList.AddRange(ProdGuidList); } public void FromXML(XElement parentNode) CompanyGuid = new Guid(parentNode. Attribute(„ID“).Value); More GeoT*SOL ® Features System Types With GeoT*SOL ® , you can simulate five different heat pump system types, from simple systems exclusively for heating support to more complex types with storage and a solar thermal system for domestic hot water and space heating. The program also has an extensive database of over 1,900 heat pumps from all leading manufacturers. Simple: HPS 1 Complex: HPS 4 and HPS 5 Financial Analysis The financial analysis provides important arguments for property owners. It is determined by way of the heating price by allocating all costs (including price increases) via annuities to the heat produced. Additional results provided are the net present value and the modified internal rate of return with reinvestment premise. With the help of these results, the heat pump system can be compared with other heating systems, such as gas or oil-fired boilers. HPS 1 HPS 2 HPS 3 HPS 4 HPS 5 Heating x x x x x Domestic hot water x x x x Solar cycle x x Storage tank DHW storage tank DHW storage tank Combination storage Heating buffer storage Simulation Results The dynamic minute-step simulation over the course of the year gives you the following parameters for the selected heat pump system: ▸ Annual coefficient of performance for the heat pump, the heat pump system and the generator system (heat pump system with solar thermal system) and for comparison purposes the ACOP according to VDI directive 4650 ▸ Annual generated energy for the heat pump and solar cycle ▸ Annual useful energy for heating and hot water ▸ If applicable, the solar fraction, i.e. the share of solar energy towards the total generated energy requirement ▸ Annual electrical energy required for the heat pump, sourceside pumps and auxiliary heating ▸ Annual losses for the storage tank and solar cycle pipes. Financial analysis in GeoT*SOL ® All results are summarized in a powerful, configurable project report that you can save as a PDF file and then print out. Software Maintenance Software maintenance includes both program and database updates. The program price includes a year’s software maintenance from the date of purchase. ! GeoT*SOL ® is available in English and German Valentin Software GmbH Stralauer Platz 34 · 10243 Berlin Tel: +49 30 588439-0 Visit our website and learn about our other products 06/2014

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