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/// Adds a list of products added /// /// public void AddRangeProducts(List ProdGuidList) { ProdGuidList.AddRange(ProdGuidList); } public void FromXML(XElement parentNode) CompanyGuid = new Guid(parentNode. Attribute(„ID“).Value); More T*SOL ® Features System Types T*SOL ® provides you with preconfigured systems and extensive automatic design assistance. With around 200 system types, most of the commercially available systems are covered. With the T*SOL ® storage tank model, which has been proven over time, you can reliably simulate and investigate many loading and unloading strategies. Photo Plan The integrated photo dimensioning program Photo Plan is a tool to quickly and easily visualize your customer’s roof using a photo. With a reference dimension, the respective roof and the planned collector array can be presented photorealistically and all the necessary roof measurements taken. Photo Plan therefore provides real Present each customer with their own decision support! personalized roof design Simulation Results The simulation results are presented in a clear project report. This provides you with data on the solar thermal system energy delivered, the solar fractions (hot water, heating, total), system efficiency and primary energy fuel savings, as well as other key data. Furthermore, the energy balance diagram will give you a quick overview of the occurring energy gains and losses. System selection dialog in T*SOL ® EnEV Verification For the verification procedure under the Energy Conservation Ordinance (EnEV), the annual yield of the solar thermal system with hot water production or combination system can be determined for new residential buildings. The EnEV module in T*SOL ® compares a T*SOL ® simulation with EnEV boundary conditions with an EnEV calculation process. Through the simulation, you can show a higher solar output, which you can then use in an EnEV verification program. Software Maintenance Software maintenance includes both program and database updates. The program price includes a year’s software maintenance from the date of purchase. T*SOL ® is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish ! Financial analysis in T*SOL ® T*SOL ® calculates the economic efficiency according to the recommendation of the German Federal Solar Industry Association (BSW). In addition to calculating the net present value, the amortization period and the solar generation costs, calculations of the modified internal rate of return and profit taking into account the reinvestment assumption are also carried out. Valentin Software GmbH Stralauer Platz 34 · 10243 Berlin Tel: +49 30 588439-0 Visit our website and learn about our other products 06/2014

/// Adds a list of products added /// /// public void AddRangeProducts(List ProdGuidList) { ProdGuidList.AddRange(ProdGuidList); } public void FromXML(XElement parentNode) CompanyGuid = new Guid(parentNode. Attribute(„ID“).Value); GeoT*SOL ® Design Software for Heat Pump Systems Valentin Software has developed intelligent software solutions for planning, design, dynamic simulation and yield calculation of energy supply in buildings for over 25 years. Our simulation programs help system designers, engineers, consultants, installers, tradesmen and investors to professionally plan and dimension heat pump systems. GeoT*SOL ® GeoT*SOL ® is a professional, user-friendly specialized tool for the design and planning of heat pump systems. You can choose between different heat sources and system configurations for your location. A key feature is the integration of solar thermal systems for domestic hot water or space heating. Requirements, losses and consumption are determined as a result of the dynamic minute-step simulation. These form the basis on which electricity consumption, annual coefficient of performance and costs are calculated, taking into account off-periods and tariffs. With these parameters GeoT*SOL ® evaluates the efficiency of the system. Heating price and return are given for the heat pump system and a comparison system. GeoT*SOL ® Features GeoT*SOL ® supports the following heat sources Ground: The heat stored in deeper soil layers is extracted by brine/water heat pumps with geothermal probes. This requires one or more holes drilled vertically into the ground. Near-surface heat is gained through heat transfer pipes – the geothermal collectors – which are laid horizontally at depths of about 1.5 m. They make use of the heat flow from the surrounding layers of soil. Heat pump system with heating and domestic hot water with solar thermal support ! Free trial versions and detailed information at Ambient air: Air/water heat pumps suck outside air through air channels and then extract the heat. Groundwater: The groundwater is extracted by a suction well, and after flowing through the heat pump is redirected into the ground via an injection well. Export of Electricity Consumption Values to PV*SOL ® You can simulate the system with our without a solar thermal system, export all electricity consumption values and import into PV*SOL ® as a load profile. This makes it possible to calculate heat pump systems that are directly connected to a PV system. Climate Data The MeteoSyn climate database contains around 450 data sets from the German Weather Service for Germany with the averaging period 1981-2010, as well as over 8,000 global data sets, based on meteonorm 7.0 with the averaging period 1986-2005. You can easily select the climate data via an interactive map. Alternatively, you can select the location from a list. It is also possible to load other climate data in .wbv format.

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