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4 years ago

Valentin Software Product Information

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Valentin Software Product

/// Adds a list of products added /// /// public void AddRangeProducts(List ProdGuidList) { ProdGuidList.AddRange(ProdGuidList); } public void FromXML(XElement parentNode) CompanyGuid = new Guid(parentNode. Attribute(„ID“).Value); PV*SOL ® Design Software for Photovoltaic Systems Valentin Software has developed intelligent software solutions for planning, design, dynamic simulation and yield calculation of energy supply in buildings, as well as for industrial and commercial use, for over 25 years. Simulation programs help system designers, engineers, consultants, installers, tradesmen and investors to professionally plan and dimension photovoltaic systems. PV*SOL ® The further PV feed-in tariffs decrease, the more important it is to convince end users that self-consumption also contributes to the profitability of a solar electric system. With our dynamic minute-step simulation you can now calculate self-consumption and storage in battery systems even more precisely. Free 30-day trial versions and webinars, plus further info at ! PV*SOL ® premium System selection for self-consumption with battery storage system The more realistically the shading of a PV system through objects in the immediate vicinity can be simulated, the more accurately the yield can be calculated. It is therefore an advantage to work with the 3D visualization in PV*SOL ® premium. You can visualize roof parallel and mounted systems with up to 5,000 modules in 3D, and calculate the shading on the basis of 3D objects (also for ground mounted systems). And importing satellite maps into the 3D visualization makes the PV design process even easier and faster. PV*SOL ® premium also includes all of the features in PV*SOL ® . Import of satellite maps Dimensioning plan - can be exported into CAD programs

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