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4 years ago

SolarEdge Commercial Catalogue

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1MW SolarEdge system, Hoffenheim, Germany Installed by Wircon 6 SolarEdge Commercial Offering

Moving Forward to DC Optimized Inverters Significance of Inverter Selection Inverter selection is key for the lifetime planning and performance of commercial PV systems. While inverters may only account for ~10% of the system cost, they: 1. Influence ~30% of system cost (EBOS, inverter, labor) 2. Manage 100% of system production 3. Control O&M expenses by enabling PV Asset management Reduced BoS Costs Up to 15kW per string allows for more modules per string. This leads to fewer strings per inverter and therefore less wiring, combiner boxes, and fuses. This reduces BoS costs by up to 50%. Standard Inverter SolarEdge DC Optimized Inverter Lifetime Revenue More Modules With module-level power optimization and maximum design flexibility, more modules can be installed on the roof, enabling a shorter project payback period. Standard inverter 149.5 kW DC SolarEdge 200 kW DC 34% added power More Energy The module-level MPPT eliminates losses to maximize power from each individual module, offering more energy production from the PV system. This technology future proofs the system against potential risks that could cause decreased lifetime energy production. System Lifetime O&M Costs Future Compatibility & Warranty Low-cost inverter replacement (~40% less than traditional inverters), long inverter warranty, free lifetime monitoring, and the ability to install different power classes/brands in the same string, decrease future costs. Cost-Saving Maintenance & Higher System Uptime Free module-level performance monitoring & remote maintenance for system lifetime lead to more effective and efficient O&M by decreasing trips to sites, reducing the amount of time spent on site, and increasing system uptime. Enhanced Safety The DC disconnect is designed to automatically drop DC current, as well as voltage from all DC cables, whenever inverter or grid power is shutdown. The voltage of each module is reduced to 1V. 7