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4 years ago

S:FLEX Product catalogue

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S:FLEX Photovoltaik Mounting Systems

System for tiled roofs

System for tiled roofs Mounting with roof hooks Mounting rail ST-AK 7/47 Art. No. 30-107-015 Splice 7 SP Art. No. 30-200-015 End clamp EH AK II Klick 30-50 A Art. No. 30-400-008 Mid-clamp MH AK II Klick 30-50 A Art. No. 30-400-049 Application: Pitched roof with tiles Fastening: Roof hooks onto rafters Roof pitch: Up to 60 degrees Module type: Framed and frameless modules Module orientation: Landscape / portrait Layers of rails: Single / double layer, cross rail installation Advantages: – Every size of module array possible – Height compensation: 40 – 58 mm in the batten zone / 21 mm in the rail zone – For all common rafter distances Roof hook Alu 93-7-45 complete Art. No. 720-200-040 Page 4 © S:FLEX GmbH 06/2016 / Subject to change

System for foil and bitumen roofs Mounting using Flat Direct without roof penetration Mono-pitch roof Butterfly roof, double-sided Butterfly roof, single-sided Saddle roof, double-sided Saddle roof, single-sided Application: Pitched roofs with foil or bitumen roofing, other roof types upon request Fastening: Non-penetrative Roof pitch: Up to 30 degrees Module type: Framed modules (frameless modules upon request) Module orientation: Landscape / portrait Orientation: Parallel to the roof Building height: 25 m max. Wind load: Up to wind load zone 4 Snow load: Up to snow load zone 3 ... and other roof types Page 5 © S:FLEX GmbH 06/2016 / Subject to change