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4 years ago

S:FLEX Product catalogue

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S:FLEX Photovoltaik Mounting Systems

System for standing seam

System for standing seam sheet metal roofing Mounting with standing seam clamps End clamp EH AK II Klick 30-50 A Art. No. 30-400-008 Standing seam clamp Art. No. 720-200-500 Mid-clamp MH AK II Klick 30-50 A Art. No. 30-400-049 Application: Seamed roofing Fastening: Non-penetrative Module type: Framed modules Module orientation: Horizontal/vertical (for clamping on the short side) Layers of rails: Single layer Advantages: – No rails necessary – Low material/logistics/installation costs – Quick mounting – No roof penetration Note: The respective clearances between the raised corrugations required for optimum fastening of the modules must be adhered to Page 10 © S:FLEX GmbH 06/2016 / Subject to change

System for trapezoidal sheet roofs Mounting using trapezoidal sheet metal rail Lift Rear rail, large adapter Front rail, small adapter Application: Trapezoidal sheet metal Fastening: Riveted or screwed with sheet metal screws to the raised seams Module type: Framed modules Module orientation: Vertical / horizontal Module pitch: 5° with vertical installation / 7° with horizontal installation Module inclination: Max. 20° towards horizon Max. roof pitch: 15° with vertical installation / 13° with horizontal installation Max. load: 5.4 kN/m² (wind and snow load combined) Seam spacings: 100 – 333 mm Sheet metal thickness: Sheet steel min. 0.5 mm / Aluminium min. 0.8 mm Page 11 © S:FLEX GmbH 06/2016 / Subject to change