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9 months ago

S:FLEX mounting system solutions

Pitched roof

Pitched roof mounting kit Mounting kit for tiled roofs Set Rails Covering caps Splice Roof hook Mid clamp End clamp Wood screws Basic 1 module (B) Extension 1 module (E1) Extension 2 modules (E2) Universal 3 modules (U3) 2 4 4 4 12 2 2 3 2 9 4 4 6 4 18 2 4 2 10 6 4 30 Kit combinations U3 B E1 B E2 B E2 E2 E2 Application: Roof mounted / pitched roofs with tiles (optionally also available for plain tile, slate tile and sheet metal roofing) Module type: Framed and frameless modules Module orientation: Portrait / landscape Roof pitch: Up to 60° Advantages: – Flexible and universal application thanks to basic and extension sets containing all components for individual configurations – Simple planning without the time-consuming preparation of parts lists 6

System for roof integration Mounting with universal roof integration system Outer clip End clamp Double clip Mid clamp Frame Application: Pitched roof with tiles Fastening: Module supports on new transverse beams Roof pitch: 10 to 50 degrees Module type: Framed modules Module orientation: Portrait / landscape Advantages: – Every size of module array possible – Certified to provide a complete seal to the roof according to CSTB – For all common rafter distances – For all common module sizes – Optionally include module earthing – Roof edge connections via the system 7