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9 months ago

S:FLEX mounting system solutions

Ground mount

Ground mount system kit Customisable kits for ground mounted installations Support unit Edge profile Post with ground plate for concrete foundation Ramming post Application: Ground mount, off-grid and on-grid systems Kit configurations: Solar generator size from 2x2 to 2x22 modules Module type: Framed modules Module orientation: Portrait Module pitch: 20°, 25° and 30° – individually selectable Construction: Elevated or parallel to the ground Foundation: Rammed foundation, concrete foundation Advantages: – Standardised system configuration – No separate system statics calculations needed – Packaging units are optimised for transport and storage 28

Ground mount system With rammed post, ground screw and concrete foundations Ramming post Post with ground plate for concrete foundation Post with concrete foundation Application: Ground mount Module type: Framed and frameless modules Module orientation: Portrait / landscape Wind/snow load: Up to 2.4 kN/m² Module pitch: 0° – 60° in north-south direction Pitches beyond 60° are possible on request Terrain slope: Max. 6° in east-west direction in standard construction / max. 50° with suitable constructive measures Module field size: Portrait: max. 3 modules one above the other and 40 m long, landscape: max. 6 modules one above the other and 40 m long Foundation: – Rammed foundation – Concrete foundation – Screw foundation 29