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S:FLEX mounting system solutions

Introduction Pitched

Introduction Pitched roof, flat roof, ground-mounted — system-based mounting solutions by S:FLEX S:FLEX mounting systems stand for functionality based on simple assembly and largely preconfigured components. They provide flexible solutions for both flat and pitched roofs as well as for ground-mounted installations. Fast installation, low freight and storage costs, optimal structural values and a long service life — these are the features that we pay attention to when manufacturing our proven components and developing new systems and parts. Our mounting systems for sheet metal roofing are manufactured in a particularly material-saving manner and with optimal ergonomics. Using our suitably trimmed, pre-drilled trapezoidal sheet metal rail (module mounting in portrait orientation), the HK 125 mounting rail (module mounting in landscape orientation) or the HK 125 XL (for extended roof clearance), PV systems can be installed quickly and cleanly on all common types of trapezoidal sheeting. For cost-efficient installation of modules without roof penetration on roofs with standing seam profiles, we offer the S:FLEX standing seam clamps. Ideal for direct module mounting with our clickable end and middle clamps, they can also be used in combination with our rails and cross adapter clamps. Our flexibly adjustable roof hooks for PV installation on pitched roofs with different tile coverings cover all requirements, even for constructions with narrow rafters or to accommodate particularly high loads. The S:FLEX Flat Direct System for pitched roofs can be installed with minimal ballasting and without roof penetration on pitched roofs with foil or bitumen coverings and sandwich elements. This makes it especially suitable for commercial buildings with low load-bearing capacities. The structural properties of Flat Direct with air gaps between the modules produce a suction effect in the direction of the roof and achieve the best possible rear ventilation. If necessary, special ridge connectors, counterweights or mechanical couplings can be used to ensure additional safety when anchoring. The S:FLEX Delta Triangle was designed for installing elevated systems on flat and slightly inclined roofs. Available with pitch angles from 5° to 45°, it is delivered pre-assembled, but folded up — thus significantly reducing transport costs. And for low-ballast mounting on flat roofs, the aerodynamic LEICHTmount Rail 2.0 is an innovative solution that is available for systems with south as well as east-west orientation. PV frame technology by professionals for practitioners – from pre-assembled components to fully customised solutions! 2

Contents Pitched Roof Systems Roof hooks 04 Roof hook Hybrid 05 Pitched roof mounting kit 06 Roof integration 07 Standing seam clamps 08 Standing seam clamps with rails 09 High-bead rail ST-AK 1/12 10 Trapezoidal sheet metal rail 11 High-bead rail HK 125 12 High-bead rail HK 125 XL 50/100 13 Bracket for sheet metal 14 Hanger bolts and solar fasteners 15 Trapezoidal sheet metal rail Lift 16 Trapezoidal sheet metal rail Vario 17 Delta triangles with hanger bolts 18 Delta triangles with trapezoidal sheet metal rails 19 Flat Direct for foil / bitumen roofs and sandwich elements 20 Flat Direct with assembly posts 21 Flat Roof Systems LEICHTmount RAIL 2.0 S / EW with low ballast 22, 23 Ground-Mount Systems LEICHTmount Ground Mount S / EW with ballast 24, 25 Carports Single / Double 26, 27 Ground mount system kit 28 System with rammed post / ground screw / concrete foundation 29 Contact S:FLEX offices internationally 31 3